Monday, May 9, 2016

Instagram #ootd Roundup April 27th - May 8th

Here are some stragglers from a few weeks ago and this week's looks. If you want to see my Hunter Rain Boots look check out this post from last week.

Wednesday (4/27): The Mall

Express Faux Leather Jacket $98 (so soft and comfy)

Burgundy Blouse $34 (on sale)

Old Navy Curvy Skinny Jeans $30

Missoni Flats (get a pair from hundreds of dollars less)

Longchamp Le Pilage Tote in Beige $125

Tory Burch Necklace $175

Tory Burch Cuff $150

Kate Spade Phone Case $49

Saturday (5/7): Birthday Party

Green Army Jacket $25 (on sale)

A pekingese will cost you  $1200 but I'll sell mine to the highest bidder ;)

Sunday (5/8): Mother's Day Brunch

New York and Company Chambray Shirt $30

New York and Company Skirt $40

Old Navy Gladiator Sandals $40

JTV Pearl Necklace  $150

Tory Burch Gold Cuff  $175

Alice Evans Designs Clutch (all unique)

This outfit was inspired by a beautiful Michael Kors. How did I do?

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