Monday, October 31, 2016

Stripes and Camo

This is a classic but fun fall look and bonus pretty inexpensive. I love that camo is so hot right now it's fun and this coat is perfect for fall but I think my leather jackets are crying in the closet a little. I'm going to be sad when I can't wear peep toe boots any more. And that House of Harlow bracelet is still on sale at Bloomingdale's it just came in the mail today and I'm super excited.

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My is Charlotte Russe but this one is pretty similar.

J. Crew Striped Long Sleeve Tee $35
This is really a style basic that every girl needs that looks good with a plain green army jacket too.

Charlotte Russe Skinny Boyfriend Jeans $25
On sale again, these jeans are the most comfortable jeans I own.

Charlotte Russe Peep Toe Booties $27
These are super cute and go with everything. For a more comfortable pair you can buy the Toms for $98.

Sole Society Tote $59
I love this bag. Anyone looking for a Christmas present for me could buy it in the taupe ;) ;)

House of Harlow Desert Oasis Cuff $66
This cuff sold out during the Bloomingdales's sale but has it for $30 less than basically everywhere else. I'm totally in love with it.

Aqua Fringe Necklace $26
My necklace was from my Rocksbox (get a free month with this code amandabbff1130) but this similar one from Bloomingdale's is still on sale!

Gorjana Paloma Ring $60
Love this ring if it goes on sale I will need to own it.

Product Image, click to zoom
I really like these aviators the price is right and the color is cool.

Friday, October 28, 2016

How to Tie a Blanket Scarf

Yesterday's post had a great blanket scarf from Target but I neglected showing you how to tie it. Follow these easy steps to get a perfectly tied triangle.

Step 1: fold the scarf in half to get a triangle.

Step 2: wrap this huge triangle around your neck (don't worry we're not done).

Step 3: pull the ends around and cross them in the back.

Step 4: Pull the ends tight and tuck them under the front flap, you can tie them to make it bulkier if you want.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Striped Tshirt Dress with Blanket Scarf and an Army Jacket

I stole this look from @budgetbabe one of my favorite Instagramers because she really utilizes key pieces you already have in your wardrobe.  It was really warm in Baltimore last week but you could easily throw some black leggings on underneath and wear this look in cooler weather. My blanket scarf was only $7 from Target in the bins up front. Seriously great find. 

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H&M Stripped Tee Shirt Dress $10
I'm so excited H&M still has this on sale online. You really need this dress. It can be worn so many ways! Mine is ancient from Banana Republic and it never goes out of style.

Forever 21 Short Utility Jacket $43
Mine short utility jacket is old as well and I was really excited they came back again last season. Here's a similar one but you could wear it with a longer one too.

Hooded Utility Jacket

Target Blanket Scarf $20
They don't have the $7 one online but look in your local store. Here's a similar one on the site.

Charlotte Russe Brown Riding Boots $25
Also old old old boots from Target. If you don't have a pair snag these ones that are on sale.

Chrlotte Russe Gold Stacked Cuff $4
Mine is a few months out and the new one has rhinestones on it but it's still pretty cute and very cheap.

I love my oversized ruby ring that my grandfather grew for my grandmother in his lab at NIH when they had no money. You buy that! But you can get a gorgeous ruby from overstock at a great price.

I used this bag out of necessity because it needed to hold all my stuff, Scarlett's stuff, and Pat's stuff. It's like Mary Poppins carpet bag.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Black Sweater and Faux Leather Leggings with Leopard Flats

This is a classic fall outfit and easy to replicate. Chunky black sweater, faux leather leggings, and leopard flats. I wore this to the pumpkin patch for a few family photos, cider and corn mazes at Gaver Farm in Mt. Airy. I added some gold accessories to finish it off. How fabulous is this look with my new hair?

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I used to have the most fabulous cashmere black turtle neck sweater but I wore it literally to pieces. I couldn't really afford to replace it (maybe some one will give me a new one for Christmas wink wink), so I bought this really cheap one off Amazon and I am pretty happy with it. It's not super soft but it is warm and cute. It comes in loads of colors too (maybe someone will get me a cobalt blue or red one for Christmas).

I love these leggings they are soft and warm on the inside and super flattering.

These are actually pretty comfortable and very cheap and super cute my favorite shoe combination.

This came from my but it's on sale at Bloomingdale's right now for 65% off. I am so excited!!!

My necklace is also from rocksbox by Jules Smith but this one is almost identical and also on sale for an amazing price at Bloomingdales. This is a super amazing sales.

Also from my rocksbox but you can buy it at Bloomingdale's.

$Gorjana Paloma Ring - Bloomingdale's

Super cute and fun sunnies.

Here are some pictures of us at the farm.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hair Transformation

New hair! And it was a crazy transition. There is a lot of stress in my life right now so I needed new hair. Tunde at Mason and Friend's did the bleach but my amazing sister did the color and I'm thrilled with the results. See my Transformation.

Last week this is what my hair looked like. I had dyed it pink to the roots last may so in a year and a half this is how much it had grown out. It had a two tone blue ombre at the bottom.

Tunde put in the bleach and sat me under the space machine for 30-40 mins.

And this is what was under the blue! Can you believe it? A year and a half of dye still under there. Crazy!

So we did one more round of bleach and this is what was left. Originally we were going to do a blue green ombre but I was so inspired with the left over pink I decided to do this amazing fruity pink look.

We used Adore brand dye which has beautiful colors and doesn't have to sit as long as splat but it doesn't cover old color as well so it was perfect for my freshly bleached hair. Side note, Tunde bleached it Thursday and I slathered it with coconut oil to help restore some moisture before the dye. I left in in my hair till I washed it Saturday afternoon before we died it.

And here are the results! What do you think?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Bomber Jacket and Superstars

Bomber Jacket's are really hot this season. They come in black, green, burgundy, and floral print at every price point in every fabric. It was hard to pick which one to get but I am really happy with my black one from Charlotte Russe. It's warm enough to be useful and super cute. I dressed it down with ripped jeans, a soft tee, and my Adidas Superstars. Have a look. Apologizes on the pics taken in a badly lit Forever 21. Scarlett was too busy to be my photographer that morning.

Shop this look...

Look around because they have so many options for jeart bombers. This one is nice and padded and very slick. They also carry plus sizes.

So soft and flattering. A great buy and still on sale.

These are majorly on sale and so comfortable. They run a bit big. I wear a 4 and I'm usually an 8.

You need a pair of white kicks right now. These ones are super fly ;)

Don't want to spring for the Adidas? Target makes a nice pair.

Mine red drawstring bucket bag was from the Nordstrom sale this summer and was such a great buy it is sol out. Here is a similar style.

This is a great cap for many occasions.

Mine are from last year but these are very similar.

I'm really digging my newish silver one. 

I love my Scarlett necklace!