Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pop of Color 10 Minute Look

If you want a fun 10 minute look this is always a big hit. It's youthful but not over the top. Blue and tangerine are all over the place this season. I only used 6 products and the more you practice your wing the faster it will be. If you need help with the wing check out my Golden Eye Tutorial.

1. Moisturize as you normally would.

2. Use a large liner in a bright blue to make a large wing. Line the bottom of your eyes 3/4 of the way in. I used Maybelline Kajal in blue which I can't find any more so here is an alternative by NYX Cosmetics in colbolt.

3. Use a brow gel to quickly tame your eyebrows. I used e.l.f. Brow Tame but here's an alternative you can get at Ulta from essence.

4. I used my goto mascara Benefit They're Real

5. I used Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Sick and quickly applied and blended with a sponge. This goes on smoothly and tames shine very well.

6. I quickly contoured and added blush using a Nars duo. But here's a cheaper alternative from NYX Cosmetics. If you're unsure of how to contour check out my Edgy 5 Minute Look.

Viola! That's it now go out and have some fun.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Fool Proof Golden Eye

Everyone is asking for a more detailed tutorial so here's a guide to a fool proof golden eye. Gold blends easily and is flattering on many skin colors.

You need 4 shades of gold and 3 types of brushes and you should really start with an eyeshadow primer (I used Too Faced but you can use concelo if you don'thave any). I'll also show you how to do a basic wing at the end. 

I used Too Faced Honey Pot for the base, Full Moon and Nightcop for the accent, and Night Light for the highlight. 

I used Smashbox shadow brush #7 for the base, #15 for the accents, you can use either of those for the highlight, and a NYX Cosmetics blending brush #10.

After you prime your eye lids start with your medium shade of eyeshadow, I used Honey Pot. Using the mid sized brush (#7) apply the eyeshadow on your lid and up into the crease. Do not do your entire eye, that's a rookie mistake that will make you look over done in the day time.

Next take your crease brush (#15) and apply the next darkest shade (Full Moon) along the outer edge and the crease.

Next take your darkest shade  (Nightcop) and smudge it in the outside corner of the eye.

Next take your blender brush (#10) and run it back and forth across the whole lid smoothing out and blending the edges of the eyeshadow. 

Next take your lightest shade (Night Light) and use either brush to any it just below the outside edge and under the arch of your brow.

This is what it should look like when you're done with the shadow.

It looks pretty good without the liner but if you want to try your hand at a wing here's how. Get a felt tip eye liner (I used Physicians Formula) and follow these steps. First draw a line from the outside corner Of your eye.

Next draw a line from the end of the line you drew to about a 1/4 of the way down the lid.

Next go the the inside corner and draw a line all the way over to where you drew the wing in and connect them.

Now fill in the wing.

Here's what it looks like when you're finished.

Give it a try and tell me how it went. I'd love to see pictures! Good luck!.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

This Week's #ootd Instagram Round Up March 20-27

Well I finally recovered from the flu just in time for the sun to shine. And it was glorious! Here's what I wore:


New York & Co. Light Blue Denim Blouse $29 (on sale and it feels like silk!)

Old Navy White Skinny Jeans $25 (still on sale)

Charlotte Russe Lace Up Flats $20 (not the exact pair and I have to warn you they are not too comfy)

Stella & Dot Rose Gold Pendant $70 (mine has my initials in the circular style)

Stella & Dot Rose Gold Bangle $34

Long Champ Medium Pink Tote $115 (check eBay there are always used ones for sale)

Cole Haan Aviators $35 (big time sale here my color is sold out but they have a bunch of other cool ones.


Gap Neon Tank (this is old but here's a similar style from Tobi for $17)

New York & Co Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans $70 (buy one get one for $15, I live in them)

Kate Spade Flip Flops (mine are old but here's a cute pair on Shopbop for sale at $34)

Bauble Bar Alpha Ice Pendant Necklace  $36

Stella & Dot Wishing Bracelet  $19

SheIn Sunnies $15


Old Navy Blouse (mines old but here's a fun alternative from Amazon for $16)

Old Navy White Skinny Jeans  $25

Sonoma White Wedges $35

Etsy Script Name Necklace $32

Etsy Sideways Cross Necklace $26

eBay Screw Head Love Bangles $12 each


Tobi Pink Knit Cardigan $31 (half off!)

Nordstrom Jersey Tank $26

Nordstrom STS Blue "Amy" Destressed White Jeans $58

Stella & Dot Sahara Pendant Necklace  $49 (mine's sold out but they have the white still, check eBay for the exact gold flakes version)

eBay Nail Braclet $3

Kate Spade Bangle $52

Charlotte Russe White Flip Flops $5

Easter Sunday

SheIn Nude Sweatshirt Dress (it just sold out :( here's a similar style for $21)

SheIn Pink Bow Heels $25 (on sale!)

SheIn Pink & Gold Statement Necklace  $15

Tory Burch Gold Cuff (mine's old but here's a similar style) $119

eBay Nail Head Bracelets $12

Tory Burch Foldover Clutch $395 (mine's old but here's this seasons)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Maybelline Fit Me...Or Not and Other Products I Don't Like

Here's a list of products that just don't work for me and have ended up in my 4 year olds make up bag. Mostly these are drug store buys that just didn't pan out but there are a few more expensive items that hopefully I can save you from.

1. Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation, I bought this because I loved the Dream Velvet but this did not work as advertised. If you have dry skin it might but my t-zone just kept shining and my whole face was shining within a few hours. As for it reducing the appearance of my pores it did nothing of the sort.

2. e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Blush, try non existent blush. This was the perfect product for my 4 year because it hardly shows up at all and is nearly impossible to get out of the jar. Skip it.

3. e.l.f. Blush, this is their regular run of the mill blush in Blushing Rose. It's unfortunate because they make some amazing blushes but this ain't one of them. The color is nice but it disappearseems in a hour. Get the blush/bronzer duos instead.

4. Revlon Ultra HD LiP Lacquer in Tourmaline, the color is fab but it's so wet and sticky you can't eat or drink anything. No thanks that does not fit my lifestyle.

5. e.l.f. Shimmer Gloss, it's hard to apply, tastes funny, and doesn't stay. Don't get suckered into buying this gift box at Christmas.

6. L'Oréal Voluminous Million Lashes, people rave about this mascara and I'm just not feeling it. It's a little clumpy and not that impressive. The fiber version is a little better but if you want bold cheap mascara buy Rimmel Scandal Eyes.

7. Rimmel Scandal Eyes Rocking Curves, but not this version. The wand is ridiculously curvy and it doesn't make sense and even if it did on your right eye it's impossible to use on your left.

8. L'Oréal Double Extend Mascara, a very popular blogger swears by this but I found it extremely stiff and clumpy. The primer just sucks. No thanks.

9. e.l.f. Cream Liner, e.l.f. is a great company but it does produce some crappy products and this is one. This is more like a wet gel. The pigment is watered down and it's hard to be precise.

10. Benefit They're Real Push Up Eyeliner, not pictured because I gave it to my mother. This smudges. Period. I wish my mother wouldn't use it.

11. NYX Micro Brow Pencil, this is not a good alternative to the Anistasia brow pencil. It's too micro and too harsh. The brush is great though.

12. Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines Bronzer, I guess I'm just too dark for this. It hardly showed up on my skin. I gave it to someone paler.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Monthly Brush Cleaning

Well I'm sort of better and had the energy to clean my brushes. You really should clean them monthy. Remember cleaning brushes isn't about cleanliness but about disinfecting them. Your face is full of bacteria and your brushes just spread it atound. If you have acne you should do it weekly but realistically once a quarter is the minimum. Here's how:

1. Fill a bowl with an inch of warm water mixed with makeup brush cleaner. I used a discontinued e.l.f. brush cleaner but NYX Cosmetics makes a good one. Can you use dishsoap? Would you wash your face with it? No. Can you use face soap? No. It's full of products meant to clean your face not your brushes. Buy the brush cleaner it will extend the life of your brushes. However if you're just not going to buy this use liquid hand soap.

2. Swirl your brush around in the soapy water until you stop seeing pigment coming off the brush.

3. Rinse the brush off under running water. When the water is running clear you know it's clean.

4. Wipe the brush on a clean dry towl. If any color comes off repeat the cleaning process.

5. Lay your brushes to dry on another clean dry towl. Let them rest for at least 2 hours.

6. At any point if the water becomes opaque you need to dump it and replace it.

7. Don't forget to do eyebrow and eyelash brushes. They pick up bacteria too.

That's it. Easy, quick and it will save you money and your face. Do it!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sephora Retail Therapy

So I've been stuck in bed for 8 days with a horrific stomach bug which I'm sure was given to me by some evil preschool child. Well I'm finally at least sitting up in bed so here is some Tarte retail therapy I'm doing at

1. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation with SPF 15 $39
Everyone is simply going mad over this wet foundation and I can't wait to try.

2. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Quench & Drench LiP Set $9

New products means loads of sample sizes to try out the new lines. These ultra moisturizing lipsticks sound devine.

3. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Hydrating Skin Savers $10

A mist, cleansing gel, and a hydrating booster, what a deal! Can't wait to try.

4. Tarte Contour Du Jour  $24 (just sold out at Sephora but Ulta has it)

Who doesn't want to try a mini contour kit and this brush looks perfect for the job.

This is my favorite statement mascara and you really can't beat the price. It was time for a new bottle.

Hopefully when it all comes in I'll be out of bed and can show you how this all looks and works. Happy Sunday.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

This Week's Instagram #ootd Round Up March 7-13

Spring is here! Thank God because last week a cow sneezed all over my winter coat and it's at the dryear cleaner. Here's what I wore:


Express Camo Blouse $60

SheIn Faux Leather Leggings $15

Mossimo Sling Back Peeptoe Mules  $35

Kate Spade Bangle $52 (mine's old but here's a similar style)

Pugster Spike Bracelet $4

Bauble Bar Alpha & Ice Necklace  $36

Coach Olive Chain Bag $89 (mine's old but here's a similar style)


Nirvana Sweatshirt  $50 (Hot topic has a $30 version)

Old Navy Distressed Boyfriend Denim Shorts $25

Steve Madden Glitter Platform Slip-onslip-on  $48 (Go Jane has a $25 version)


Elephant Print Tank  (mine's old but here's a similar one from Maykool for $25

New York & Company Distressed Boyfriend Jeans  $70

Straw Fedora $16

SheIn Sunnies $15

Victoria Emerson Turquoise Wrap Bracelet  $29


Army Jacket (mine's an old Mossimo but here's a similar style from Express for $80)

Express V-Neck Tee $17 (my favorite slimming tee)

Old Navy Distressed Boyfriend Denim Shorts  $25

Chunky Black Sandals (mine are old but here's a similar style from Topshop for $95 or a cheaper pair from Amazon for $13)

Kate Spade Black Tassle Tote  $315

Black and Gold Statement Necklace  $27


SheIn Off The Shoulder Denim Blouse $18

Old Navy White Skinny Jeans $25 (on sale!)

Stella Dot Rose Gold Pave Necklace  (mine's sold out but here's a similar style $59)

Tobi Pyramid Rose Gold Bracelet $10 (on sale!)

Old Navy Lace Up Sandals $35 (I'm so bummed out these are sold out online but they're still in the stores. Here's a similar style on Amazon for $45)

Alice Evans Design Clutch  $79 (No two bags are alike but they're all so stunning. This is a similar style.)


Lularoe Irma Knit Tunic (You have to buy these at a pop up trunk show but they are super soft) $30

SheIn Faux Leather Leggings  $15

Adidas Casual Sneakers (mine are old but here's a link to similar Superstars $80)

Kate Spade Black Tassle Tote $315 (This is a great deal! Such a quality bag)

Samsung Gear S $229 (there's a S2 now so the S is on sale and that's a pretty great deal)

Hope there's some stuff you love. Enjoy spring!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Edgy 5 minute look

Sometimes you're a little bit country and sometimes you want to be a little bit rock and roll. But you still only have 5 minutes so here's how to get it done.

1. Moisturize as you normally would.

2. Draw a thick line all the way around your eyes with Sephora Collection Colorful Shadow & Liner in GREEN SHIMMER.

3. Draw a thin line above your eye (with a little wing if you can swing it) with a thin felt liner like Physician's Formula Eye Booster.

4. Use a dramatic mascara like Diorshow. Use two coats but wait a few minutes in between each coat or they'll clump.

5. If you have dark eyebrows like mine don't mess with them. Natural eyebrows are more edgy looking. If they're super light then darken them up.

5. Use L'Oréal BB cream for the most natural looking light foundation. Apply with your fingers.

7. Countor with a bronzer like e.l.f Blush Bronzer Duo in ST. LUCIA. Using a long flat brush like the e.l.f. Countor Brush swipe bronzer under your cheekbones, along your jawline, on your temples, across your forehead and on the sides of your nose. BLEND!

8. Use a peachy color blush like the one in the ST. LUCIA duo on the apples of your cheeks.

9. Highlight above your cheekbones and on the bridge of your nose. I used the e.l.f. All Over Color Stick in PERSIMMON (a super cheap alternative to Watts Up).

10. Line your lips with a dark liner like NYX Thin Lip Pencil in EXPRESSO. Draw around the outside edge of your lips for a fuller lip. Then fill in.

11. Top off your lips with a matte dark red like NYX Suade Cream Lipstick in CHERRY SKIES.

Voila! You'very got a super fast edgy look that will make you feel young and fun again!.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Night-time Regimen

A few months ago I got a wrinkle on my forehead and now I'm uber paranoid. I have slowly built up a regimen that has transformed my skin into 22 year old Mandie, who hardly ever washed her makeup off her face when she rolled in at 2 am but still woke up looking fresh, soft, and firm.

1. Clean your face (we can talk about how another day).

2. Use a glycolic/salicylic acid mixture wipe to resurface and prevent acne.

3.  Spray your face with Rosewater, #reviva makes one with aloe and hydrlonic acid. HA is an important part of the extra-cellular matrix and help keep your skin tight and youthful.

4. Immediately apply a generous amount of #firstaidebeauty Ultra Repair Cream for super over night moisture.

5. Wait 10 minutes and make mixture of the following:

*rosehip oil (which is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants which improve skin coloration and reduce fine lines)

*maracuja oil (which has omega-6 fatty acids that reduce inflammation)

*jojoba oil (is used to dilute the other two because it closely resembles the natural oils your skin makes and is cleansing and nourishing)

Apply a small amount over your moisturized face. Always do the oil last because it will penetrate the moisturizer but not the other way around.

In the morning wipe your face with Micellar Cleaning Water. You'll see a difference in mere weeks. You can buy it all on Amazon for less then $100.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sun-kissed 5 minute look

Maryland skipped spring. Saturday it was 42° and Tuesday it was 82°. It was hot and I was sweaty so it was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate my 5 minute sun-kissed look. Here are the details:

1. Moisturize as normal.

2. Physicians Formula Aragon Oil BB Cream. This feels great and has a nice sheen. Apply with your fingers then blend with a sponge. 

3. Mix Bare Minerals Warmth with Aquafor for an amber gel to apply to your eyelids.

4. Apply a light but dramatic mascara like Benefit They're Real.

5. e.l.f. Brow Treat and Tame. I used a medium shade to help highlight my bronzer and not look to stark.

6. Bronzer like e.l.f. cosmetics blush bronzer duo in ST. LUCIA applied with a flat brush under the cheekbones, under the jawline, the sides of your nose, your temples, across the top of your forehead and BLEND!

7. Smile and apply the blush side of the duo to the apples of your cheeks.

8. Highlight with a e.l.f. Baked Powder MONLIGHT PEARLS right on top of your cheekbones and on the bridge of your nose.

9. Finish with a warm rose shade like L'Oréal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss in NUDE ALLUDE.

10. Finish with a oil resistance spray like Urban Decay DE Slick. Maybelline also makes a version.