Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Shop my Camo Chic Look

I was so excited when I found this camouflage t-shirt dress at Nordstrom Rack for $22! It was perfect for the welcome reception for my friends Mike & Miranda's wedding weekend. Take a gander.

Shop the look...

The dress:

It's so soft and the perfect length but it's pretty big so I got a small.

The shoes:

Charlotte Russe $42
These are very similar to mine but this style cuts at your toes a bit so be forewarned.

Steve Madden  $120
These are a more similar color and have the open back.

The bag:

Nordstrom $45
This is a cute alternative to my. Very similar.

Target  $25
A less pricy similar option. 

The Jewlery:

My necklace is Gorjana from Rocksbox.com try a month for free with this code: amandabbff1130. Here are some similar options...

This is a cute alternative to mine for an extremely low price.

Nordstrom  $49
This one has a little wider spread.

I love this bracelet and get so much wear out of it and if you want to spend a less check eBay for a used one.

I simply love her unique and fabulous cuffs. They are each unique but she does custom work if you're looking for something similar. 

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