Friday, December 2, 2016

Flannel and a Utility Vest at the Zoo

I seem to be at the zoo a lot these days. In case you are new to my blog I have a 5 year old and if it's warm enough we go to the zoo. The Richmond Metro Zoo is especially fun. It's a private zoo and they let you do all sorts of things that proper zoos won't and probably with good reasons like not getting bit by a giraffe or loosing a hat while zip lining over rhinos. They did move the Orangutans far enough way that thy can no longer dig a hole under their pen and taunt you for food. But they still have the dog and the cheetah chilling together. If you go to my mom Instagram @pinkhairmom you can see the singing/mocking gibbons. Anyway this blog is about style not primates although maybe it should be. More flannel I love flannel in the fall it's just the right softness and weight for those 55 degree days. I matched it with a utility vest I got at TJ Maxx, ripped jeans, and booties. I usually take a Longchamp tote to the zoo because they are durable and washable. Check out the details and at the end of the post you can see some of my pictures from the zoo, including feeding the giraffe with my bare hands! Oh and please ignore my very bad hair day.

Shop this look...

These are like $10 on sale now and they still have all sizes. Some are more softer then others. I really like the New York and Company Soho ones because they feel like silk but this is a cheap classic color combo that works great with the green vest. And don't worry this style will survive well into spring.

Mine is actually Lucky Brand (which is only available in black now but on sale) that I got at TJ Maxx for considerably less then $100. Here is one from Target for closer to the price I paid. I bought mine big enough to zip over my chest but I wish I had bought a medium because mostly I don't zip it and it's too big.

I love these jeans but unfortunately I am in between a 6 and an 8 although I'm sure Thanksgiving fixed that. they are super soft and stretchy so don't buy them too big.

Mine are old but this is this year's version. They're pretty comfy. Generally speaking I'm always pleased with F21 shoes.

Faux Leather Chelsea Boots

I love these bags. I have a slight obsession with them because they are so durable and waterproof. They're perfect in the summer to be thrown around where ever and they come in a ton of colors. You can get them used for a really reasonable price on eBay.

This one is really similar to the one I got of Nordstrom a few months ago. I always get a lot of compliments.

Love this bracelet so much it is elegant and sleek. This is a good price on this beautiful piece.

I love my red eyeglasses. These aren't quite as cool but they are wicked on sale.

Here are some pictures from our visit.

Right before he swallows my hand.

The hand swallowing is obstructed by Scarlett's cuteness.

One bird.

Two birds.

Selfie on the ski lift over the rhinos.

Scarlett with a Scarlet Macaw.

The dog and the cheetah. 

Flamingos (she's doing her best impression).


He was gorgeous and just walking around the park.

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