Monday, December 19, 2016

Glow for It: Sephora Play's November Box

This rosy glowy look is all over the runways and in all the magazines, so when last month's Sephora Play box came out filled with pink glow products I was really excited. Here's my review of the box, how I used these products, and better alternatives for some of the types of products in the box.

In the box...

I love this little eye shadow stick, however I'm not sure I'd pay $29 for this color. I'd get more use out of a champagne or bronze color but the rose gold is perfect for that rosy glowy look. It glides on smoothly and doesn't crease. It's a good product.

This was perfect to give me a little luminous glow under my BB cream but at $38 I think there are cheaper options on the marker that give you more of a glow such as L'Oreal Lumi $13. This one is subtle though and I sort of like that too. However it will not hold your makeup on for a long period of time. I'd use NYX Pore Filler $14 or Lancome La Base $20.

I love this lip gloss and when the mall calms down I will definitely go get it in more colors. It's got great color, albeit a little pinker then I usually go on my lips (I know this from a woman with pink hair). What a great price too! Perfect for a rosy glow.

I was super excited this was in the box considering it's price point. Glamglow is the hottest mud mask company on the planet right now and it's way out of my price range. I'm not sure this lived up to the $69 but it was luxurious to put on and my skin felt soft and hydrated afterwards. Sephora also sells a $22 5oz sampler that is worth trying for sure.

I liked this for what it is, a daytime moisturizer that has no sunscreen in it...whomp whomp. I can't wear this out in the day time so would I buy it? Absolutely not. If you have young really healthy skin this would work at night in the summer. It's hydrating but not greasy but at night I like greasy and during the day I want no I need SPF. I am back to using Thomas Peter Roth Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense Lotion with SPF 30 $22. I know last week I told you I was using Mary Kay Timewise which I really did like but it turned out to be not so good on my ultra sensitive skin. I get little red bumps around my eyes when my face isn't happy with something I am using, so I'm back to what I know works.

Maison Margiela Replica Lazy Sunday $28-125
This month's scent was floral and light but not too sweet smelling. I liked it. I won't pay $125 for any bottle of perfume but I'd buy the travel size.

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