Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Pink Hunter Boots and A Herringbone Vest (A Stolen Look)

I stole this look from my favorite blogger +Caitlin Covington who's style is always exquisite. I added my own touch, a pink Santa's hat. Recently I did a whole post about different ways to wear this vest that you can get from Goodnight Macaroon, J. Crew, or a dupe at Target. Unfortunately we're getting a lot of freezing rain and no snow. I know, I hate snow every other month but December but in December I want a white Christmas, so let's get the temperature dropping and the rain to go. Anyway, here are the outfit details.

Shop this look...

Love this vest it's so versatile. It keeps selling out so they keep making more.

Target also keeps pumping this vest out because the J. Crew version is so popular.

Soft as silk but still pretty warm. Get some from my friend Olivia.

This is really soft. I wish the collar were higher but it's a great shirt. I got a large and it's pretty snug.

My first, my loves, my pink Hunter Boots. Pssst...check ebay.

Wow these are almost identical. Only missing the Hunter logo. What a steal!

ETSY Monogram Necklace $20
This monogram necklace is like 2.5-3" which is really fun with some looks but id I were buying it again I'd go for 1.5-2". I got a longer length and use a little rubber band to tie it back to make it shorter when I want to.

New York and Company Rhinestone Bracelet $13
My bracelet sold out of black friday but here is a really similar one at a great price.

I got this from my Rocksbox for considerably less. To get a free month use this code amandabbff1130. 

Sophie Harper X Ring $19*
This came from my Rocksbox too and I loved it so much I've been wearing it in place of my wedding ring that doesn't fit.

Pink Santa Hat $9
Mine came from Victoria Secret's years ago but here's a similar one on Amazon that even has the same rhinestones!

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