Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mommy and Me Green Ponchos

Scarlett and I love a good matching outfit and Forever 21 just delivered big time. These green poncho sweaters are perfect for cool fall days. We wore them to a fun dinner with our besties last weekend and I think we looked just fab! We put these outfits together so I can't claim all the credit. Here are the details on both our looks.

Shop my look...

I like the dark olive color a little better and I bought it in a s/m and it's still pretty big. It's really soft and not too heavy.

This is soft and longer in the back then the front which I love.

Love the look and feel of these jeans. They fit like a glove.

These are the softest jeans and a little more affordable.

Mine are from last season but these are very similar.

I really believe every girl needs a a vintage coach saddle or crossbody bag. You can find them in all shapes and sizes on ETSY. The pompom key chains on both our bags came from the $3 bin at Target but you can get them on eBay.

My necklace was $5 from Walmart (they don't sell them online) I always check over there they have some really cute stuff. This one from Forever 21 is pretty similar.

I love this ring it's comfortable on my arthritic hands. It came from my rocksbox (which is basically netfilx for jewelry) but I used my discount and bought it I liked it so much. Get a free month with this code: amandabbff1130.

Alice made this cuff custom for a wedding. Check out her ETSY page her stuff is fabulous! By the way Scarlett's bag was also made

Shop Scarlett's look...

Her sweater was more sage then olive but it's really cute. She pulled the single thread holding the arm holes together so now it's more shawl like however it still looks the same (p.s. by the end of the night so did I I could easily repair it but I'm struggling to see why). The kids version has a button as well. Scarlett's is a 7/8 she's 46" tall.

This is so cute we were sharing it till she popped off an eye (which I "fixed" with a sharpie) and now it's hers. It was the perfect accessory for this look.

I bought these at the Anniversary Sale and she loves them. They are so comfortable and the 7 fit her very well.

Not prepared to spend $60 on jeans your child will grow out of in a few months? Neither am I. Here's a pair from Target for considerably less.

I also got these during the sale and she adores them but they're not awesome for the walk to the bus stop. I couldn't really find anything similar for a lot less but Zuilly always has fun girls shoes.

Alice made this bag for her little girl and Scarlett fell in love and Ella gave it to her. She adores it! Someday I'll explain to Scarlett that Ella took this bag to Carnegie Hall to hear her dad sing. Scarlett takes it everywhere.

Here are a few snapshots from dinner.

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