Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Herringbone Vest with a Statement Necklace

This vest is a great piece to own. It's perfect for fall and can be worn lots of different ways. Last week I paired it with a beautiful statement necklace from Perry Street that was in my Rocksbox. Rocksbox is an awesome jewelry rental service. It's basically Netflix for jewlery and if you like your pieces you can buy them at a discount. To try it out for free use this code: amandabbff1130. Here's the details on my outfit.

Shop this look...

This vest is from last season and I'm so happy J. Crew Factory has it now. 

Target has a similar version for a little less. This one is a little puffier but has a very similar look.

Unfortunately the green is sold out but this color would be cute too. It's a very soft cotton.

Here's a green one from Target that is perfect for this look.

These are cheap, comfortable and super skinny.

My boots are acient they've been to Germany multiple times they are so comfortable. Here's a similar no heel buckle boot that will have a long life.

Every woman needs to own this classic bag. Get one on ETSY.

Here's the real deal.

Or grab a cheap pair on eBay like I did.

Cheap and fun.

This came from my Rocksbox and with the discount is was under $20.

You can only get Perry Street from Rocksbox. Try it for free with my code: amandabbff1130

Here's a similar statement necklace on sale right now.

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