Friday, September 15, 2017

Sephora Play July: Beauty Staycation

Last month's box had some real all stars in it. I'm a sucker for actual makeup samples especially mascara. Trying new mascaras is an expensive hobby of mine made cheaper through Sephora Play. Plus this box had one of my alltime favorite masks in it. Check out my reviews.

Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara $30
This mascara is pretty great. It's bold and dramatic and it doesn't smudge. Although on a really hot humid day there was a faint trace of black under my eyes. The applicator sucks though, especially in the sample size it was really hard not to get it all over my eyes. It took time and precision to get it right. But in the end I think it's worth $30.

Fresh Rose Face Mask $25-62
I'm super excited about getting more of this fab face mask. It's super hydrating but doesn't leave your skin oily. It's also very refreshing. It's perfect for a day out in the sun exposed to all the elements. It smells fresh and clean and is over all a terrific mask. It's definitely worth trying at $25.

Two months in a row this company has been in the box and I'm not impressed. It made zero difference in my hair. I usually use a keratin or oil based leave in conditioner and it works a lot better then this milk spray.

Send me all the brown lipsticks, all of them. If you weren't into this shade you would likely have stopped Play by now because they just keep coming and I love it. Unfortunately I keep finding ones I like, taking them everywhere with me and then loosing them. This one is only ok. It stays on long enough for a regular lipstick and the color is a little pinker then I like my browns. I don't think I'd buy another one though.

This is another winner. It doesn't smell great but it does what it says. It goes on smoothly and tightens my skin. I may selflessly give this to my mother as I do not yet have that many wrinkles, but it will hurt to give it away. I would definitely say it's worth the cost.

First of all i really approve of brands that offer a travel size. I personally like to mix it up. I liked this a lot. I found myself going back to it frequently. It's very earthy but not heavy. 

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