Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sephora Play: The January Box

This box was called Beauty, Set, Go and is supposed to detox and refuel your beauty routine. It had in interesting mix of things, some I really liked. Once again I only got half the things listed on the website and had to go hunting for the rest. Here's the details.

Tarte Frxxxtion Stick $22
I love Tarte they make great products and this is no exception. I would not have tried this on my own it seems weird to have an exfoliating cleanser in a stick but it works. I keep it my shower caddy (off the ground) and use it once or twice a week to exfoliate and clean my skin. You can also use it as a mask to revive dull skin. It's black with a wet melty chapstick like consistency and diatomaceous earth microexfoliants (it's like sand), not dull and not to harsh it's a great product. Unfortunately mine has fallen down the drain and Pat has to buy a shop vac to rescue it.

So I can't tell you anything about this. The last time I used a mask I wasn't 100% sure it was colorsafe (even though it said it was) I really regretted it and this one does not say it's color safe. I don't really know anyone who has uncolored hair so I don't have anyone I could try it on except maybe my five year old but her hair is thin and fine and perfectly moist so I doubt it would do anything. Anyway you get 8 treatments for $32 so hopefully it's impressive. If anyone local wants mine, hit me up, it's a nice size tube.

The problem with cult classics is that I own many of them but I'm happy to have a second. It's a beautiful color and very moisturizing however it doesn't last particularly long, It's a good lipstick to keep in your purse or travel bag for touch ups and this color is perfect on almost anyone.

I love this sent, it's slightly floral with notes of pink peppercorn. It's really nice and it comes in lots of different sizes. When my tube runs out I may buy a roller ball for my purse. Really a great fun scent.

I know this is expensive but it is completely worth it. This mask is like a thick honey that warms after massaging it into your skin. You leave it on for 10-15 min while it turns creamy. This is my favorite thing I've ever gotten out of a Play box.

Every box has one dud. This product could be great but there just wasn't enough to find out. It came with a little flimsy applicator that was really hard to use. It seemed nice but there wasn't enough to cover my fface thoroughly so it didn't last. Oh well.

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