Friday, February 17, 2017

Wrap Sweater and a Cut Out Sweatshirt

I love my cut out sweatshirt I got at TJ Maxx last summer, but don't worry I found you a great one at JC Penny. But how do you wear cut out sleeves when it's 37 outside? With a great wrap sweater of course. Matched it with white jeans and suede booties, a look I stole from +Caitlin Covington. Sorry I've only got the one mirror picture but it was a super busy day. Fortunately for me the dance studio is completely mirrored.

Shop this look...

JC Penny Cut Out Sweatshirt $30
This sweatshirt is awesome and comes in 4 colors. I really dig the red and black.

Nordstrom Open Front Cardigan $55
My wrap sweater is old from H&M but here is a perfect one from Nordstrom that comes in two great colors.

Main Image - Love by Design Two-Tone Open Front Cardigan

I love a white jean, and even more at under $20. These jeans are pretty stretchy which I love but I did buy them a size up and they are a little baggier then I'd like. 

These boots are really high quality and fabulously comfortable. You definitely get what you pay for with these. Plus they're super cute.

Not prepared to spend $80+ on booties, try this pair for less then half the price but all the cuteness. 

product image

I finally sent this necklace back after holding onto it for longer then usual it was so great. For only $19 a month Rocksbox sends you three great pieces, some from a wishlist and some are surprises. You can always tell them when you have a special event and request a fab piece or three. Get a free month with this code: amandabbff1130.

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