Friday, March 11, 2016

Night-time Regimen

A few months ago I got a wrinkle on my forehead and now I'm uber paranoid. I have slowly built up a regimen that has transformed my skin into 22 year old Mandie, who hardly ever washed her makeup off her face when she rolled in at 2 am but still woke up looking fresh, soft, and firm.

1. Clean your face (we can talk about how another day).

2. Use a glycolic/salicylic acid mixture wipe to resurface and prevent acne.

3.  Spray your face with Rosewater, #reviva makes one with aloe and hydrlonic acid. HA is an important part of the extra-cellular matrix and help keep your skin tight and youthful.

4. Immediately apply a generous amount of #firstaidebeauty Ultra Repair Cream for super over night moisture.

5. Wait 10 minutes and make mixture of the following:

*rosehip oil (which is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants which improve skin coloration and reduce fine lines)

*maracuja oil (which has omega-6 fatty acids that reduce inflammation)

*jojoba oil (is used to dilute the other two because it closely resembles the natural oils your skin makes and is cleansing and nourishing)

Apply a small amount over your moisturized face. Always do the oil last because it will penetrate the moisturizer but not the other way around.

In the morning wipe your face with Micellar Cleaning Water. You'll see a difference in mere weeks. You can buy it all on Amazon for less then $100.

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