Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Morning Regimen

OK I know this looks like a lot but it all 
serves a purpose and my skin is super sensitive, combination and I'm at that weird age where I get zits and wrinkles. I also wear a lot of makeup so I have to protect my skin. Here are the details:

1. #garnier Micellar Cleaning Water, #simple & #bioderma also make a good version. I avoid using soap on my face whenever possible. It dries my skin out.

2. I'm not married to any one brand but I use a glycolic acid & salicylic acid wipe to exfoliate and kill acne causing bacteria.

3. #yestograpefruit toning mist with vitamin C works magic on my pores and hydrates my skin from any stress from the acid wipe.

4. #lumene bright now vitamin c hyaluronic acid serum. Helps brighten and tighten my skin and lays down a good base for moisturizer.

5. #instanatural youth express eye gel. The areas around my eyes are deeply sensitive but are unbothered by this gel. It has peptides to help with dark circles and plant stem cells to help with fine lines.

6. #peterthomasroth max sheer all day moisture defense lotion with spf 30. I don't care how young you are or how well you tan you need to wear sunscreen on your face if you want to stay looking young.

7. #loreal age perfect glow renewal has a great blend of essential oils to nourish the skin. Always do the oil last. Oil can penetrate the moisturizer but not the other way around.

You can buy 90% of this at #ultabeauty #amazon or #cvs for about $100 and it lasts months. You don't need to break the bank to stay beautiful! #foreveryoung

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