Saturday, March 12, 2016

Edgy 5 minute look

Sometimes you're a little bit country and sometimes you want to be a little bit rock and roll. But you still only have 5 minutes so here's how to get it done.

1. Moisturize as you normally would.

2. Draw a thick line all the way around your eyes with Sephora Collection Colorful Shadow & Liner in GREEN SHIMMER.

3. Draw a thin line above your eye (with a little wing if you can swing it) with a thin felt liner like Physician's Formula Eye Booster.

4. Use a dramatic mascara like Diorshow. Use two coats but wait a few minutes in between each coat or they'll clump.

5. If you have dark eyebrows like mine don't mess with them. Natural eyebrows are more edgy looking. If they're super light then darken them up.

5. Use L'Oréal BB cream for the most natural looking light foundation. Apply with your fingers.

7. Countor with a bronzer like e.l.f Blush Bronzer Duo in ST. LUCIA. Using a long flat brush like the e.l.f. Countor Brush swipe bronzer under your cheekbones, along your jawline, on your temples, across your forehead and on the sides of your nose. BLEND!

8. Use a peachy color blush like the one in the ST. LUCIA duo on the apples of your cheeks.

9. Highlight above your cheekbones and on the bridge of your nose. I used the e.l.f. All Over Color Stick in PERSIMMON (a super cheap alternative to Watts Up).

10. Line your lips with a dark liner like NYX Thin Lip Pencil in EXPRESSO. Draw around the outside edge of your lips for a fuller lip. Then fill in.

11. Top off your lips with a matte dark red like NYX Suade Cream Lipstick in CHERRY SKIES.

Voila! You'very got a super fast edgy look that will make you feel young and fun again!.


  1. Not sure how it would look on a blind Ned but looks great on you.

  2. Wonderful new blog. becoming a Mom is enough of a shock, and then you realize you're walking around with puke on your shoulder! you're showing people they can retain their mojo without spending a whole lot of time or money. Keep it up I LOVE the pics! Alice xx