Monday, March 28, 2016

Fool Proof Golden Eye

Everyone is asking for a more detailed tutorial so here's a guide to a fool proof golden eye. Gold blends easily and is flattering on many skin colors.

You need 4 shades of gold and 3 types of brushes and you should really start with an eyeshadow primer (I used Too Faced but you can use concelo if you don'thave any). I'll also show you how to do a basic wing at the end. 

I used Too Faced Honey Pot for the base, Full Moon and Nightcop for the accent, and Night Light for the highlight. 

I used Smashbox shadow brush #7 for the base, #15 for the accents, you can use either of those for the highlight, and a NYX Cosmetics blending brush #10.

After you prime your eye lids start with your medium shade of eyeshadow, I used Honey Pot. Using the mid sized brush (#7) apply the eyeshadow on your lid and up into the crease. Do not do your entire eye, that's a rookie mistake that will make you look over done in the day time.

Next take your crease brush (#15) and apply the next darkest shade (Full Moon) along the outer edge and the crease.

Next take your darkest shade  (Nightcop) and smudge it in the outside corner of the eye.

Next take your blender brush (#10) and run it back and forth across the whole lid smoothing out and blending the edges of the eyeshadow. 

Next take your lightest shade (Night Light) and use either brush to any it just below the outside edge and under the arch of your brow.

This is what it should look like when you're done with the shadow.

It looks pretty good without the liner but if you want to try your hand at a wing here's how. Get a felt tip eye liner (I used Physicians Formula) and follow these steps. First draw a line from the outside corner Of your eye.

Next draw a line from the end of the line you drew to about a 1/4 of the way down the lid.

Next go the the inside corner and draw a line all the way over to where you drew the wing in and connect them.

Now fill in the wing.

Here's what it looks like when you're finished.

Give it a try and tell me how it went. I'd love to see pictures! Good luck!.

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