Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dressy Plaid with a Leather Pencil Skirt

Yes you read that right. This is a chic and fun way to dress up your plaid. I got inspiration from a Charlotte Russe ad for a plaid shirt I love. I wore this to dinner with friends at a trendy restaurant and it was a hit.

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Charlotte Russe Blue and Pink Plaid $18
This is so super soft and a unique color combination.

They're going to have some major black Friday deals so keep your eye out for a better price. It's really good faux leather and flattering but it does have a high waist.

So mine are actually Jennifer Lopez and if you go to Poshmark you can get them for a hugely inflated price of $120. But these are very similar. The one thing I will say is I generally find Jessica Simpson's shoes to be uncomfortable but perfect for a dinner date where you get to sit down.

Jessica Simpson Waleo

Alice Evans Design's Clutch
You really need to own your own personal AE bag they are so fabulous! Check out her ETSY Store and she does lots of custom work. She's also a super fun Twitter personality follow her @aliceevansguff.

This is a super jazzy cocktail ring perfect for a night out on the town. It's on sale right now so you may get a cheaper price.

New York and Company Cable Bracelet $25
This is on sale right now too so it's less then $25 and I am really happy to have found a cable bracelet at such a reasonable price, plus I love rose gold.

This is on sale and it's such a beautiful bracelet with deep meaning for me. I'm sure there is something you want an Always reminder for.

This is so delicate and elegant. Perfect little accessory, especially in rose gold.

eBay Criss Cross Ring $13
Beautiful, elegant, and the price is right.

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