Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide for The Whole Family

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner here is my holiday gift guide for the whole family and some fun hostess gifts. Mostly I have chosen really reasonably priced gifts with a few splurges. Take a look.

For Her (or me ;)...

Ray-Ban Pink Aviators  $70-200
Sunglasses Hut always has good black Friday deals, plus check out the outlets and you could always look on eBay for a deal.

RAY-BAN Gold Matte RB3025 58 ORIGINAL AVIATOR Pink lenses 58mm

This is the hottest item of the season and keeps getting sold out. Get on the email list and buy it right away. I still haven't snagged one. Sephora has great stocking suffer sales on Black Friday. And keep in mind Sephora has a really fantastic return policy if she doesn't like it or you end up with two.

Read this article for the meaning behind the safety pin. It's awesome and they list some reasonable options but I found a few on ETSY I like for great prices. Click on the image for the exact item. Personally I like the rhinestones. That ring is bling!

1 Solid Sterling Silver 925 Safety Pin bail Nappy Pin Diaper charms clasp brooch with clear CZ Sizes L, M    Safety Pin Bracelet, Personalized Gold Safety Pin Jewelry, Tolerance symbol, Pantsuit Nation Jewelry, Safe Place

     Safety Pin Ring white gold/ rose gold/ yellow gold plated unique ring simple ring gift idea adjustable ring

Gray Winged Tote $49
An elegant structured bag is always in and this year gray is the color everyone is adding to their wish lists.

Nordstrom Cashmere Sweater $90
I had one I wore so many times till the holes couldn't be sewed up any more. This is a great deal on a very popular sweater from last year and would match the purse beautifully. I'd love one with a turtle neck but I think the most important thing when buying clothes for women is that it's a place you can easily return and Nordstrom is all about that. Every women deserves to own the softest sweater ever!

Product Image, click to zoom

For Him...

Of all the people I know with smartwatches the people with the Moto 360 are the happiest. If you've got an Android phone this is the best watch to get. It's really functional in all the ways it needs to be and it's a good sleek design.

Image result for moto360

A knife you can fold up and put in your wallet. Yeah every guy wants one.

I don't know about you but I don't do any shoveling, which means my husband does a lot. He could really use a good pair of snow boots. I chose this pair because it comes in a 15, which my husband needs and I also think he'd like the black. 


Doesn't he deserve one too? I like this in the light grayish blue.

Product Image, click to zoom

It's back in HD with new content. If the man (or woman) in your life does any gaming buy him this upgrade. He'll thank you later. (choose your format carefully) 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition - PlayStation 4

For Kids...

I'm obsessed with snap circuits and your geeky kids will be too. If you don't have an original kit you don't need it for this one but it's fun to have too. This kit teaches the basics of electronic circuits with a cool RV that shoots discs. Scarlett is definitely getting one.

Do you have trouble getting your kid to finish dinner? Me too. Try this game plate out and finish it out with dessert. Can't wait to try this.

Fred & Friends DINNER WINNER Kids' Dinner Tray

Turn your kid's favorite summer game into their favorite winter play toy. You can buy extra figures on Amazon too.

I want this for me!!! But in all seriousness Scarlett would love to make her own gummy bears. What a fun snowed in activity.

This is an awesome board game that teaches kids the concept of the basics of programming. It was given to us a few years ago by a Google Engineer and she loves it...when I remember the rules from the beginning.

For Hostess...

You can't go wrong with these everyone loves them and if you accidentally give someone the wrong scent they'll gladly re-gift it ;) buy on Black Friday they will have huge deals.

Welcome to a White Barn Christmas.

I always loose mine and could always use a new one. I don't love giving people bottles of wine who's taste I don't know very well but everyone wants a carrying bag.

Sunwalla Insulated Wine Carrier - Neoprene Tote Bag Holds 2 Bottles of Wine - Secure Carry Handle

This is a super cute bracelet that can go with almost anyone's style and the vegan version is great for all your granola friends too.

These night lights are super cool. They have lots of different patterns you can choose from. Scarlett has an ocean one now but with her new Neil deGrasse Tyson thing Santa might bring her the solar system. It would be a fun gift to personalize to the hosts personality. 

I used to have a friend who had this and we grown ups played with it far more then the kids. Not interested in handing over another candle, give the gift of fun!

Putty Playground Super Space Magnetic Attractor Putty with Magnet, 1 Ounce

I hope you found some good gift ideas and be sure to share with me any great ones you have to. Happy Shopping!

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