Sunday, November 6, 2016

Elegant Poncho and Thigh High Boots for Date Night

My husband really loves these boots so it was an obvious choice for our date night on Friday. I love this Michael Kors poncho that a friend got me last Christmas and it keeps me pretty warm. The pencil skirt came off the $5 rack and Charlotte Russe, score! But this look would be great with a Lula Roe Cassie. Here are the details.

Shop this look...

Steve Madden Turtleneck Poncho $68
This one is very similar to mine and in black it's really versatile. It's a pretty great price too.

Michael Kors Poncho $98
This one is the same as mine in a different color. It's pretty soft and on sale.

Charlotte Russe Pencil Skirt $15
Not quite the $5 deal I got but this skirt is similar and on sale. Also note they carry plus sizes too. The green would also go well with neutrals too.

Charlotte Russe Thigh High Boots $25
I can't believe these boots are still on sale. They are so awesome! and really versatile.

Swavoraski Stardust Mesh Bracelet $79
This bracelet is super fun but in this color it's pretty fancy so I rarely get a chance to wear it. You can get a cheap knock off on eBay for like nothing if you're not willing to invest in this one. Several of the other colors are on sale for $40.

Alice Evans Designs Clutch and Bangle
I simply love this designer and all her custom work!

JTV Diamond Ring $240
These guys do a great job of making quality jewelry that looks more expensive then they are. This one is really similar to mine.

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