Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Floral Blouse and Denim Jacket

It's all about denim jackets and floral blouses this season. This outfit was inspired by @budgetbabe and I loved how it turned out on me. Layering is key in spring and your old denim jacket can be a star once again. Here's the look and all the details.

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If you don't already own one here's a great classic denim jacket from Target. It's the perfect jacket for layering this spring and summer.

This top is really cute, alone or layered. They have limited sizes left so here's another floral blouse on sale at Old Navy.

product photo

These are really comfortable for skin tight jeans. They're soft and stretchy plus they're slimming.

Now is a great time to buy boots, they're all on sale. These boots are really fantastic. They are sleek and comfortable.

This is a great spring bag. It's a perfect bone color, big enough to hold all your stuff, and it feels and looks like real leather.

Faux Leather Tote Bag

This is my favorite bracelet. It's fun and lightweight. It's great for layering.

Image result for stella dot renegade cluster bracelet

This bracelet is really beautiful and elegant. It's great alone or layered with another bracelet.

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