Thursday, April 20, 2017

Gingham and Hunter Boots

Sorry I was really sick yesterday, too sick to even push the publish button but I'm feeling slightly more like a person today. We got more spring showers last week so I did one of my favorite pairings, blue gingham and my pink Hunter Boots. The weather has been nice and warm so I broke my Bermuda shorts back out. Here's the look.

Shop this look...

This classic pattern is a great shirt that can be dressed up or down all year round. Looking to spend a little less? Here's a dupe from Maykool.

Gingham Popover
These shorts are the perfect length for not baring all. They're super comfy too.

Pink, blue, orange, get a color that you love! These are the best rain/snow boots. Here's a dupe from Amazon.

This is a great customizable necklace that comes in a variety of colors. The silver mirror is a classic though.

Silver Mirror Monogram 1.5” Necklace - Handmade monogram

This bracelet works perfectly with the silver mirror necklace.

Still loving my spring tote. It's the perfect sized bag and the perfect color for spring.

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