Friday, May 19, 2017

Black Tunic and Skinny Jeans

This is what casual Friday looks like for me. Had I had more time to get dressed I might have chosen a fancier bag. My father's version of casual friday is another story altogether. I think I need to take him shopping. He may have more business experience but frankly I just looked better. I own this Lush tunic in 3 colors, it's perfect for work or date night and I think it made my meeting all the more successful! Here's the look and the details.

Shop this look...

This tunic is on sale and comes in many colors. You need at least one.

Main Image - Lush Perfect Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic

These jeans are great, in the dark wash they're sophisticated and they're slimming.

I'm glad they're still selling these because you really need a great bootie in your closet at all times of the year if you're going to business meetings and don't want to wear heels. It was raining this day and I didn't want me feet to be soaking wet.

This is my go to casual bag, especially in the rain. The only reason I didn't make my dad wait for a more fancy bag was because my portfolio and laptop fit right into it.

Main Image - Longchamp 'Large Le Pliage' Tote

This was a great piece from my Rocksbox (get 3 pieces a month for only $19 per month to keep as long as you want, get a free month with this code: amandabbff1130). It's petite but stylish.

This is a timeless look, that sophisticates any look. You can get a dupe on eBay for 410.

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