Monday, May 22, 2017

T-Shirt and Jeans with Fun Accessories

This is what Saturday afternoon trip to the movies looks like for me. In the summer I live in soft cool t-shirts and dress them up with fun accessories. Black with gold accents always leaves you with a nice pop of color to stand out and make you shine. We took Scarlett to see her first Marvel Movie in the theater, praying it would work out so we can finally go to the movies again with out begging my mom to babysit. Point to us, she loved Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and during the previews told us she wants to see 3 out of the 5 movies previewed. Works for me! Anyway here's the look and the details. 

Shop this look...

BP V-Neck T-Shirt $18
Mine is the scoop neck but it's all sold out. This one is great too.

Main Image - BP. V-Neck Tee (2 for $28)

I'm glad they're still making these because it's truly the best jean at this price point.

These booties are so cute and add just a hint of cool to any outfit.

Mine is Sole Society from last year and was pretty pricey. H&M has a great alternative!

Mine was from the $5 jewelry section at Walmart, but here's a similarly cheap option from eBay.


Mine is from Charlotte Russe last year but wouldn't you know eBay has a perfect alternative.


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