Friday, May 12, 2017

My Favorite Things at Sephora

What girl isn't obsessed with Sephora? Even my tomboy daughter loves to go in and play with the makeup. I guess all traces of mommy aren't completely gone. She basically only wears Under Armor now but she still swipes on some lip gloss most days. Anyway here are my top 5 Sephora products (a lot of which came out of a Sephora Play box) that I can't live without.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance $20
This is my favorite eye shadow primer. It brightens your eye shadow and makes it last all day without smudging. I know the Urban Decay product is on everyone else's top list but I prefer this one. I think it lasts longer.

This has been my go to everyday mascara since it came in my play box. I can't believe it's only $12! It performs like a $20 mascara. No smudging, all day, plus length and volume. You just can't beat this mascara at this price point.

A few months ago the regular one came in my play box and I loved how much oil it absorbed but hated the light color residue it left. Well now I'm a brunette and I can use this one. Fair warning: it leaves a brown residue which will get on your skin and clothes if you're not careful. However, it is by far the best performing dry shampoo. Last week my dad asked me to go to a meeting last minute right after spin and this did the trick beautifully and lasted days. Side note I only wash my hair once a week, so when I shower it's covered up. I probably could wash it more now that it's not pink but I've kind of gotten used to my routine which has been revolutionized by this product.

I know it's pricey but it's really the best blush. Orgasam (the blush color) is so perfect on almost anyone's skin and it highlights too. So for $42 you're getting blush, bronzer and don't need a highlighter so it really is a good deal. The bronzer isn't my absolute favorite color but in a hurry it really does just fine. I wear this like 5 days a week.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner $20
I discovered how precise this could be on my brother in law's 15 year old sister. Her wings were perfect and I've been in love ever since. The product comes out evenly and is easy to use. It lasts a few months but when it's done it's done and you have got to toss it or your wings will be a mess. It does not work well over cream or liquid eyeshadow but glides perfectly over powders. I use this nearly every day and I own it in black and brown.

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