Monday, October 30, 2017

Leopard Scarf and a Grey Dress

It got warm again in Baltimore so I'm wearing a short sleeve dress that I really love, but I have a long sleeve alternative for you since it's almost November. Old Navy has great jersey dresses that are really soft and comfortable. I stole this look from @cmcoving one of my favorite instagrammers. I love the grey with the leopard and peep toe booties are so much fun. Here's the look and all the details.

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Old Navy Jersey Shirt Dress $15
This dress is very comfortable and it's not that thin so it's great for transitional weather and will be great in spring but if you want a longer sleeve one Old Navy has one of those too.

product photo

I got mine at Charlotte Russe in the store and they don't have it online but Khol's has a very similar one. 

Apt. 9® Leopard Print Knit Infinity Scarf

These bootites are on sale for a great price on a super cute style.

My bag is 10+ years old and still fabulous. This is a similar style? Looking to spend a lot less? Michael Kors makes a brown monogram tote too.

Montaigne MM Monogram Canvas in WOMEN's HANDBAGS  collections by Louis Vuitton

This bracelet is elegant and substantial. It brings the whole look together. Or you can rent one from Rocksbox, try it for free with this code: amandabbff1130

I almost always wear this with my bulky smart watch. 

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