Thursday, January 26, 2017

Baby Doll Shirt with Tattoo Jeans

I love this shirt so much it's sweet and chic and it hides my Christmas weight perfectly! The jeans are an online exclusive from New York and Company and how awesome are they? I wore this to The Ale House Columbia where I spent Inauguration Day. I wasn't the only one who planned on watching it from a bar, it was packed! Ok anyway let's get back to the outfit. I paired this look with a Gorjana cuff that I simply adore and will be holding onto for awhile. If you don't know about Rocksbox it's a jewlery rental service. For $19 a month you get 3 pieces you can hold onto as long as you want and when you're ready for more you send them back and usually within a week you have a new set. If you love a piece and can't bare to part with it you get a discount on buying it. Try it for a month with this code: amandabbff1130. Ok here's the details on this look.

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SheIn Stripped Ruffle Sleeved Shirt $13
You really can't beat the price on this shirt. It comes from China so it will take a bit but it's well worth it. I've worn it so many different ways.

Since you can only return these online I will give you my sizing dets. I'm an 8 but I wear a 6 in soho jeans because they stretch. When you first get them they will be tight but after a day they will fit like a size larger. Love the look of these. Also you can easily unroll the bottoms with a little more warmth in the winter but I'm looking forward to wearing it rolled in the spring.

Adidas Superstars $80
You could dress this outfit up with a great pair of heels but for drinks with my cousin I went with a more casual look.

Target Sneakers $28
Want the same look with a lower price? Check these ones out.

Overstock Red Drawstring Bag $38
Mine came from the Nordstrom Summer Sale but here's a super cute similar one from Olivia Miller with amazing tassles. Bucket bags are still going strong and red is always a good color on a bag, it goes perfectly with blue, black and white.

Gorjana Iman Cuff $60
I can't believe I found this at this price. It's usually $120 so buy it while you can. It's a beautiful substantial bracelet.

Image result for gorjana iman cuff

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