Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Oversized Cardigan and Black Dress

I love this Topshop Cardigan. It's so cozy and chic and boy was it cold that day. I needed to dress up a bit for a meeting but not so dressed up as to stand out so I pared it with a classic black dress and black leggings. We really struggle in the winter to get pictures in semi decent lighting. My 5 year old takes all my pictures and I just can't convince her to go outside when it's 30 degrees out. I also can't control where the dog sits (or all the crap on the kitchen table). Anyway here's the dets.

Shop this look...

I know it's pricey but it is well worth it and there are only a few left. Nordstrom has a 6.

Main Image - Topshop Patchwork Cardigan

This dress is on sale and is the perfect winter LBD. It's very soft and cozy.

product photo

They're the softest on the planet. Yes the black are hard to come by but keep asking she gets them every couple of months.

This is a steal of a deal for a staple item. They go with literally everything.

I love this bag because it has a a place for your laptop. My chromebook is tiny so it fits it the smaller one, a full size iPad would fit perfectly too. 

I got this necklace from my rocksbox which is a jewelry rental service. For $19 a month you get 3 peices of awesome jewelry and if you love them you can buy them for a reduced price. I love it. Get a free month with this code: amandabbff1130.

Obviously this is a dupe of a very expensive bracelet but the quality is pretty good and it goes with so many things.

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