Monday, January 16, 2017

How to Wear a Carly

It's not secret that I love a LuLa Roe Carly. It's the most comfortable style by far but still flattering a cute. Lots of bigger women say they can't wear a Carly because it's like a tent, well they just aren't wearing it right. Super skinny girls say the same thing and they're also wrong. A Carly can look good on anyone, here's how to rock it. You can buy a Carly and leggings from my friend Oliva Fink. I've linked to some great accessories to help you make this dress look fabulous.

Look 1: Just a Carly 

Frankly if the dress is in the right size, I'm a 10 on top and an 8 on bottom and this is a Small, it doesn't need anything but cute accessories. I love a long tassel necklace on a carly because it elongates my short torso. Booties are also fabulous with this style too.

Look 2: Belted

The look everyone is afraid to try but should completely embrace. You can do it with a thin belt or a fat one.

Look 3: With Leggings

A solid Carly looks abfab with a pair of fun leggings. It's the perfect length to make leggings work appropriate. Or you can wear a print Carly with solid leggings. I dressed down this look with a hot pair of kicks from Payless.

Look 4: With a Knot

I admit it took me awhile to try out this look, but only because I love the cut of a Carly so much, high in the back and low in the front that I didn't want to mess with it, but the knot is fun and perfect with a pair of tall boots like my Hunter Boots (on sale right now). Note I matched the Carly to my boots for a punch of color.

Look 5: Carly with a Cardigan 

A soft sweater is pairs perfectly with a Carly, you can even do a LuLa Roe Sarah or Lindsey. I like the look of this long wrap sweater.  Here's one from Nordstrom.

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