Monday, January 2, 2017

The Best Makeup Short Cuts

Who's got time on a regular basis to put on a full face of makeup for daily routines. I don't. Here are my top makeup short cuts and good news is they are mostly pretty cheap. I'm wearing all of these products in the photo below and only these products. Not bad for a 10-15 minute application (liner dependant).

L'Oreal BB Cream $11
This stuff is a miracle product. It really adjust the color of your skin to even out the tone and make it look like you're wearing a full coverage foundation. I wear this nearly every day. It comes out white and adjust to your skin tone. I have a decent enough tan in the summer and have a medium skin tone in the winter and I wear light.

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NYX Dark Circle Concealer $6
This isn't a substitute for true orange concealer and a matching skin tone shade but in a hurry this will do a decent job of lightening your dark circles.

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No time for full brow treatment? This is the solution. It has the perfect little brush for precise brow enhancement. It comes three shades to match perfectly to your brows.

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Ok this one is not so cheap but it is a must have. Orgasm is generally considered to be the best blush color on the market because it gives you the perfect rosy glow with a hint of highlighter right at the cheek bones. It eliminates the need for highlighter in a rush and the added bronzer is usual to have. 

There are very few days I don't wear this lip gloss. My top three shades are Madeline (tan), Angel Food Cake (pink) and Devil's Food Cake (burgundy). With those three shades you really don't need any other lip gloss ever. 

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If a perfect mascara does exists this is about as close as you're going to get. This mascara doesn't look cakey, lengthens and defines lashes beautifully. It's perfect for every day wear.

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This is my all time favorite liner. It's the only liner I've ever found that distributes color evenly throughout the entire application. You'll know when it's dead because it doesn't loose it's umph till the very end of the tube.

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