Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sweet and Edgy, Stripes and Thigh High Boots

Happy New Year! I'm excited this look is my first post of the year it's the perfect balance between sweet and edgy and of course I wore it to a PTA meeting. This look in many ways defines my personality. I have a softer side and like classic pieces with a twist like this striped shirt baby doll shirt, but I also love a good sexy thigh high boots and not just for date night. Get the details. Also I need to apologize again for the lighting situation. I can't convince anyone to take my picture outside in the 40 degree weather and inside it's just dim dim dim.

Shop this look...

SheIn Baby Doll Blouse $13
I love this super cheap and super chic shirt. A classic print with a twist, very flatting shape on me too hides my tummy but not bag like.

I love these $10 jeans and last week I reorganized my jeans and now I can't find them, ack! Anyway here's the link they're super skinny and flattering.

Charlotte Russe Thigh High Boots $20
These are on sale right now for $20, that's just ridiculous. They're so hot and always a big hit.

Sole Society Tote $60
This bag is extremely versatile and holds everything and it isn't heavy. Win win win.

eBay Bow Bracelet $15
I did not link to my bracelet because it broke 15 minuets after this photo was broken. It was too thin and the welding wasn't great. I found a similar one on ebay that looks a lot stronger. I may just have to buy this one because I don't think mine is fixable.

Rhinestone Bow Bracelet Holiday Party Formal Silver Tone Bangle Clear Stones

I love this ring and now I really want it in gold too. It's just petite and lovely but fun and cool.

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