Friday, January 6, 2017

I'm a Barbie Girl

When I saw this sweater last year at Forever 21 I squealed. Unfortunately my daughter kinda sorta hates barbies, well all dolls in general. She only has Monster High Dolls and they just sit there in the corner doing nothing, waiting for other children to come play with them. She also has all the Disney Princess Dolls mint in their box sitting on a very high shelf never to be played with. Anyway, that wasn't me, I adored Barbies. The sweater is old and I'm half tempted to sell it on eBay because it's worth more now then when I bought it. I linked to a few cute alternatives. Though fuzzy and pink they're not. Here's the details.

Shop this look...

This sweater is super cute and is plus sized but I feel like the 00 would be oversized but not ridiculous on anyone over a 6. 

This one is a little cheaper and pink. It's a little less chic but very cute.

These are very comfortable and have a very stright leg.

I hate that all white kicks are hot right now but they are and their perfect for this outfit. Mine are actually superstars not Stan Smith's but the all white Super Stars are sold out.

Or you can save more than a few bucks and buy the Target dupes.

This is a really simple but cute accessory especially when having a bad hair day.

When ever I don't know what to wear I wear a SD cluster bracelet. Oh shoot I just revealed I don't know how to accessorize a quarter of the time.

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