Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bomber Jacket and Thigh High Boots

I stole this look from the fabulous Louise Roe. It's rare I can recreate one of her very expensive looks but I think I nailed this one. By the way my hair is not digging this rainy cold weather it's so frizzy. I'm constantly searching for the perfect hair products for my very chemically treated hair. Hit me up if you have a product you love. Meanwhile it's braids and buns. Ok back to my #ootd, it's almost entirely from Charlotte Russe with gunmetal jewelry. Check it out.

Shop this look...

This big time on sale. It's such a fun style that makes you feel like you're cool. Can you put a price on cool?

I'm crazy about these t-shirts, they are so soft and a flattering cut. Really helped me hide my holiday weight.

So mine are actually CR but they only have a 0 online. I actually like these ones from H&M better but I seem to have lost mine. Whomp whomp. At $9.99 I may just buy a new pair.

These aren't my exact boots but they are just as cute. That's a really awesome price too.

Mine is mother of pearl but I'm crazy about druzy!

You have to pay a bit more for the gunmetal color but it's great to have this color in your jewelry box. It's that cool thing again.


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