Thursday, March 23, 2017

Camo and Hunter Boots

This outfit was inspired by @budgetbabe on instagram. With the melting snow I needed my rain boots since there were puddles everywhere. Pat and I drove out to the Eastern Shore and hit up Burley Oak and RAR Brewing for a super fun date day. We had some truly scrumptious beer! You can follow me on Untapped, the beer app, at pinkhairfloosie. Here are the details of my look.

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Charlotte Russe Camo Jacket $39
I love this jacket, not only is it a fun camo print but it's the perfect weight for spring. It's just warm enough for those 55-60 degree days.

This shirt is very soft and great for layering. Denim shirts are always a good staple piece to build on.

Denim Button-Down Shirt

This is practically the perfect tee, soft and a great cut. But the price makes it just right.

I love a skin tight legging jean with my Hunter Boots, it makes them less tight around my calfs. 

I love my Hunter Boots so much and this color is so fun. I always get compliments. Sure black goes with everything but the cobalt blue pops!

Want the cool blue color but aren't ready to pay for Hunter Boots? JC Penny's got you covered.

I love this necklace so much I have it in three colors. It's elegant but fun. Rocksbox has a ton of them and you can get a free month with this code: amandabbff1130.

This is a great bag two own, it's the perfect bag for casual days. It's water resistant and big enough to hold all your stuff. Plus it comes in loads of colors. eBay has lots of them too.

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