Thursday, March 2, 2017

Shorts in February

Yes that's right it's been hitting 75° here in Ellicott City MD! I keep seeing all the spring clothes on the racks at the stores and rolling my eyes but our with weird weather I bought these shorts at Target and was actually able to wear them. I threw on a denim jacket only because I knew the AC would be going in the Tapas restaurant we went to for my cousin's birthday. Here are the details. Of course it may snow tomorrow but fingers crossed spring is coming.

Shop this look...

I'm so happy jean jackets are back again. They surfaced along with army jackets over the past few years and hopefully you've got one in your closet maybe collecting dust. If not here's one just like mine.

This is a great tee for $10, not quite as soft as the relaxed hem but still nice.

These are not quite the same ones as mine, which have a drawstring and are in stores now. But these are very similar. Same color and length.

I got mine on Zulily so I didn't pay quite as much but I wear these all spring and summer they are so comfortable and cute.

These are very similar and a more comfortable price. Plus they have a cute peep toe.

Every women should own a classic coach saddle bag. They are so sleek and useful little bags. ETSY has loads of them.

I love this mock lariat necklace I got from my rocksbox. Try a free month with this code: amandabbff1130.

They really are the best aviators on the market but if you're worried you're going to loose them here's a link to an eBay dupe.

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