Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fringe Sweater and Burgundy OTK Boots

Who doesn't love a fringe detail? Since it didn't get warmer and snowed quite a bit I needed to be cozy. My boots are from Amazon but they're sold out in most sizes so I found two great alternatives for you. Burgundy is always a good winter color so they'll be great next season too. Here are the details.

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Mine color is sold out but the black is really cute too and would work perfectly with the burgundy boots.

Image of ASTR the Label 'Marion' Fringe Detail Crewneck Sweater

Charlotte Russe Skin Tight Legging Jeans $20
On sale again! What a steal for the perfect skin tight jeans. The pockets in the front are fake so there are no bumps. They're soft too.

Amazon Two Tone Boots $40
These are great boots with no heel, but the same great rich color.

These boots have the heel and are taller, very slick looking.

Tory Burch Clutch $350
Mine is a few years old but this is the current version with a gold logo and chain like mine. Check eBay for a good deal on a second hand one.

large image view
This is a really great deal on this cuff, it's usually double that price. It's a beautiful bracelet that compliments many outfits.

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