Friday, March 17, 2017

Sephora Play February Box: The Soft Side

This box had some definite highs and lows. But over all it had some products I loved trying because I never would have bought one just to try. However, with most products you can try them at the store and with creams you can usually get a sample to take home to try. Anyway here's my review of The Soft Side box.

Clinique Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer $29.50
This would be a great product if it had any sunscreen on it. It doubles as a primer and does a great job at pore filling. It's soft and silky and my super sensitive skin didn't have any negative reactions to it. I will probably save it for when I do my makeup at night and am not worried about sun damage.

This is a great product. It definitely helped with puffiness and it's tinted slightly which sort of helps with the dark circles but not enough to become my normal product. My mom's going to enjoy this sample though it's perfect for her. I have more trouble with dark circles than puffiness in the morning.


This mascara is awesome and I'm so excited I can't wait to buy a full size for $12!!! It's serious length. I wouldn't say it's mega volume but most importantly it lasted all day with out smudging at all! This may be my new favorite mascara.

This is weird. I've wanted to try Too Faced lip gloss for awhile but this tingles too much and for too long. The color is weird too, a very light nude. It's a nice glossy finish but it makes me want to bite my lips so no thanks. It didn't hold up to coffee either. 

At first I was miffed there were two lip products in the box but they are very different. I admit I didn't try this on my cheeks or eyes because it is so thick almost too thick to be comfortable on my lips but I loved the color, which isn't on the website by the way (and thus not the color in my picture). It's a dark nutty color and it lasted a long time. I've never bought bite but gotten several samples and I really like them but at $24 you sort of have to pick a few colors and I'm not good at making that kind of decision but I liked this color a lot. It did hold up to coffee.

Lololololol it amuses me to no end that this is so expensive because it is so awful! The smell reminded me of my great grandmother's bengay. I will never again put a sample on my body without smelling it on a tissue first. EVER. All day long I kept catching a wiff of myself and it was awful. Did I mention I really hate this scent? How this fits in the Soft Side theme box is beyond me. 

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