Thursday, March 9, 2017

Flannel and Moccasins

As I mentioned the other day Spring is trying to break free and we get days here and there of nice weather so I jumped on the chance to wear my most comfortable shoes,  Minnetonka moccasins. Scarlett has a matching pair and was mad she couldn't wear hers to PE. I paired my moccasins with a soft flannel shirt and ripped jeans for a causal but polished look. Here are the details.

Shop this look...

This one is from fall but here's a similar color with the same softness factor.

This is a good deal on a great soft pair of jeans. They're a very flattering cut.

There are no more comfortable shoes then these leather babies. Best part of spring!

Minnetonka Kilty Suede Moc Softsole

I love my VE wrap bracelets. They're cute and a little boho. I like this neutral one because it goes with everything.

I like this bag because it has a pocket that fits my chromebook perfectly, plus it has two compartments which is great for organizing all the crap in my purse.

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