Monday, March 6, 2017

Pink Sweater OTK Boots

This sweater is thin and super soft, perfect for our unreasonably warm February. It paired perfectly with my taupe OTK boots. This is my pretty standard church look. I go to an awesome little church in the heart of Ellicott City called Metanoia. You can read all about the flood recovery status on the website. Anyway here's the details on this look.

Shop this look...

Cashmere Touch Side Button Sweater $12
My color is sold out but buy it anyway because it's super on sale and super soft.

These really are skin tight and fit perfectly under any boot.

My boots are from fall, but here is an awesome pair with a side lace detail in the same taupe color.

I love this bag because it has the perfect slot for my little chromebook (an iPad would fit nicely too). It has two compartments and just big enough for the essentials. 

The necklaces I've been linking to keep selling out. So here's a new cute one like my Perry Street Necklace from Rocksbox.

Faux Stone Statement Necklace

This elegant cuff came from Rocksbox too. Get a free month with this code: amandabbff1130.

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